Proposed Tour Itinerary (TBC)

The itinerary for the Exeter City Official Tour is as follows;

Fly out : Thursday 17th July*
An allocation of seats on a number of flights and routes depart Heathrow early morning, arriving into Rio early evening.

Day 1: Friday 18th July
At leisure in Rio.

Day 2: Saturday 19th July
Ground Tour and Drinks Reception at the historic Laranjeiras Stadium. TBC.

Day 3: Sunday 20th July
The Centenary game at the Laranjeiras Stadium.

Day 4: Monday 21st July

Day 5: Tuesday 22nd July
Possibly Game Two - TBC.

Day 6: Wednesday 23rd July
Possibly Game Three - TBC.

Day 7: Thursday 24th July
A day at leisure in Rio before evening flights departing Rio.

Fly home: Friday 25th July*
Flights land back into Heathrow late afternoon.

*Some flights depart and return one day later.